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1. Avoir envoyé votre rédaction à 2 (commentaire de la photo dénonçant la pollution) sur ce site ou directement en post sous votre photo : https://padlet.com/cyril_dussuchaud/pdjdrjckyuwc

2. TEST D'EXPRESSION ECRITE portant sur le chapitre Environnement / Pollution (vocabulaire jusqu'aux recommandations)

1. Il y aura un exercice qui permettra de vérifier que tu sais formuler des recommandations aux formes affirmatives (SHOULD) et négatives (SHOULDN'T) à partir de problèmes écologiques.   We should ... / We shouldn't ...

Toutes les pages de cours sont là : http://www.englishnexon.com/what-should-we-do


2. Puis une rédaction qui reprendra les éléments vus en cours sur toute la séquence environnement.

Pour les phrases en IF : http://lecon-if-we-do-nothing



Pour les comparatifs: http://applis-3emes/comparatifs

Rappel du plan vu et travaillé en cours avec la photo que tu as choisie:

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Commentaires (5)

Maxine Barget
  • 1. Maxine Barget | 10/12/2017
Désolée, j'ai oublié d'écrire que nous avons rédigé le texte avec Océane.
C'est rien ! C'est publié ! Bonne soirée et à demain
Maxine Barget
  • 2. Maxine Barget | 10/12/2017
This picture was taken in 2014 in Beijing (China). We can see the pollution of Beijing. There is so much pollution fog it is impossible to see few meters away. People should take the train or the bus and ride a bike to go to work. They should also turn some manufactures off.
If the chinese do not stop polluting, their lifes will be in danger. Air pollution will be worse than today, if they do not change anything. Instead of using polluting energies such as coal, they should use renewable energies such as solars panels, wind turbines...
If we do nothing to stop pollution the sea levels will rise, the temperature will increase and there will be many natural disasters. Life will become more and more complicated.
Maxime Andrieux
  • 3. Maxime Andrieux | 09/12/2017
This photo was taken in Yunnan Province, in 2013. Yunnan Province is a city in China. We can see a child drinking polluted water, the picture represents water and the rubbish thrown away. So many plastic bags and cans are thrown away. We should recycle plastic bags and cans, we should do more to stop pollution! We shouldn't use plastic bags. If we do nothing it will affect humans, animals and different types of eco-systems and there will be more diseares. Whereas if we recycle and protect our environnement, our lives will be healthier.

Maxime et Simon
Quentin  Madehors
  • 4. Quentin Madehors | 08/12/2017
The scene takes place in Java, in 2016. Java is a city in Indonesia. On the picture, we can see so much rubbish. We should pick up trash to clean up the oceans. The population shouldn't throw their rubbish in the oceans so that surfers have beautiful waves instead of having dirty waves. If we don't act the amount of rubbish will increase and the oceans will be more polluted than today. We are very angry because the sea isn't a dustbin.

Quentin, Paul et Geoffray

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