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2. Rattrapage possible de votre test sur les verbes essentiels le 5 novembre (60 verbes de votre choix à connaître).


3. Correction de votre rédaction du test à envoyer sur le site (en commentaire) : 2 points verts.

Commentaires (8)

  • 1. alice | 14/10/2018
Today, an (interview) of Patricia !
She likes quite patient, very hard-working, she is caring, honnest but sometimes stubborn. She has loads of dreams, loads of fun and loads of friends. She can't live without her pets, her tecky stuff and her makeup!! She likes helping around the house and she likes hanging out with her friends downtown (weekend). She loves dogs, cats and makeup. Patricia is very cool and a bit outgoing.
  • 2. klara | 12/10/2018
His name is Lucas. He was born in 2004 in Limoges.He is a 14 years old. He can danse. He enjoys reading.He has brown hair. He like cats and dogs. He don't like horse. He is very very very touchy and is lazy. He is honest and outgoing.
  • 3. Marie CRUGNAUD | 12/10/2018
Her name is Marie Ajuste. She is 14 years old and she lives in St Hilaire Les Places. Marie has got three brothers and two sisters. She is outgoing and very hard-working but Marie is a bit impatient. On saturdays, she likes goinging with her friends. She is of medium-height, her color of eyes is brown. Her parents are divorced. She has 1 cat, her name is Maya, 1 dog, his name is Loustique and loads of rabbits and chickens. Marie practise a sport : tennis. She enjoys swimming and playing a video games.
  • 4. DEFORGE EMMA | 12/10/2018
MY friend Elisa
My friend Elisa is 14 years old .She lives in Nexon . She really likesz horses and dogs . She has on dog ,her name is Nessie She has lots of interested books .She is honest,patient,responsible.She is a fuw touchy.She ins't very selfish.She ridding a horse.She has one cat ,his name is Patout .She has on a little brother ,his name is Lillian .
  • 5. Ludivine | 11/10/2018
She is name is Margot, she is 14 year-old. She is a french girl who studies in my school Arsène Bonneaud in Nexon. She was born on 25 march in Paris. She lives in Saint-Hilaire-Les-Places. She has two brothers. She has brown hair, blue eyes and she doesn't have glasses. She is always polite, generally responsible, rarelly easy-going and patient but bold. She can cook. On saturday she loves hanging out with her friends downtown. She has one cat. She has loads of secrets and lots of dreams. She loves sleeping and watching series.
  • 6. Lucas | 11/10/2018
His name is Lucas Antolinos he lives in St Maurice les brousses. He is 14 years old he was born in 2004 in Vannes. He likes playing tennis, playing video games, sleeping and go with friends. He has two younger brothers. He has one dog is name is Lord and one cat his name is Nova. He is quite patient, extremely hardworking but he is not very flexible
roque mélanie
  • 7. roque mélanie | 11/10/2018
Her name is Marie, she lives in st hilaire les places, she is very impatient ant touchy but Marie is very stubborn. She likes dogs and cats because they are cute. Marie doesn't like the self because she says it's horrible!! She likes english. Marie likes reading books and magazines.
  • 8. marie | 11/10/2018
her name is Marie Crugnaud she lives in st Hilaire les Places . She is 14 years old she was born in 2004 in Limoges . She likes chickens , playing game video , eating .
She has one sister , a big sister . She has one dog one cat and ten chickens

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