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Corr A meal at Bilbo's

Voici la correction de la fiche de lecture : Corr extraits chapitre 1 the hobbitCorr extraits chapitre 1 the hobbit

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Noémie Fortin
  • 1. Noémie Fortin | 06/04/2020
Great worksheets thank you! I already sent my pupils to your website and will recommend this reading activity for the holidays!
  • 2. Sarah | 05/04/2020
Hi, great work..... I hope you don’t mind my making just a small point, I would consider “buttered scones” as sweet and not savory. The recipe has some sugar in and they would normally be served with butter and jam or clotted cream and jam. Yes you can have savory scones, but these would generally be with cheese added.
You might have some anglophones who would give scones as sweet.
I might borrow this and give to my LV2 terminal stmg .......
Best wishes !

Hi ! Thank you for your comment. It is just that in the book, the guests eat their scones with cheese... THat's why I put them in the savory category... Take care.

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