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Dialogue At the Diner


Script dialogue ‘At the Diner’ :

Waitress : Good morning, Sir !

Customer : Good morning!

Waitress : What can I get you?

Customer : Well, I’ll have the Greek salad.

Waitress : All right. Anything else?

Customer : Um… a basket of onion rings, please.

Waitress : And what would you like to drink?

Customer : Nothing to drink, thanks, I’m fine. (= he is not thirsty / il n'a pas soif)

Waitress : Did you enjoy your lunch?

Customer : Yes, it was fine. Could I get the check, please? /…/

Waitress : Okay, I’ll be back with your check in a minute.

Customer : Thanks.

Waitress : That will be 10.94 dollars.

Customer : Here you are !

Waitress : Have a nice day !

Customer : Thanks ! You too, bye !

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