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TEST C.O. Script et audio

Réécoutez les 2 présentations du test de compréhension orale avec ou sans les textes sous les yeux pour vous améliorer :


1. Hi. My name’s Robert, Robert Johnson. I’m fourteen. I live in Manchester, at 3 Glenwood Lane. I’ve got one younger brother and two older sisters. Oh! And I’ve got a cat and a dog too. A big family!

 Let’s see… I was born in Manchester. My birthday is June the 5th. Uh… I like football a lot. I play on a team this year. I also like listening to music. I like lots of different kinds of music, but my favourite is R and B.

 My favourite subject this year is English because our teacher lets us write songs. Maybe I’ll be a singer when I grow up.

 2. Caroline Hershley / 14 years old / born on April 1st 2000 in Bristol / lives at 46 London Road, Liverpool / 2 brothers – Kenneth and Jude - /

Loves playing table tennis and singing (pop songs in a group) / loves music / her favourite subject is French (always have fun)

She hates going to the dentist’s / always scared to go to the dentist's.



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